Michael has been involved in mediating disputes since 1972 and is accredited with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and a member of:

Civil Mediation Council                                             

CEDR Exchange

The Law Society

The Bar Council

Professional Background

Prior to becoming a Mediator, Michael worked with a major player in the manufacturing industry dealing with commercial and defence contracts, after which he worked with the police service, which gave him a broader outlook in relation to conflicts, he then returned to university and took a degree in business and finance after which he studied law and qualified as a Barrister and thereafter cross qualified as a Solicitor working for the next seven years as a higher rights Solicitor in all areas of law.

He has been involved in several mediations, all of which have thus far been successfully resolved, ‘I have seen where people can be guided in relation to their conflicts and using a clear and dispassionate approach have been able to help them reach agreement and resume their previous relationships to their advantage’ ‘It is a privilege to see people reach agreement when at first they appear to be totally at odds’   Michael is also the secretary of a property management company, and in his spare time has been involved in charitable work, namely, during the war in the former Yugoslavia he undertook to assist with providing emergency clothing and medical aid to the refugee camps in the war zone. He, with others drove supply Lorries. He adopted the maternity unit at a hospital in Sisak Croatia and kept them supplied with vital equipment for new-born babies.

Personal Style

Michael looks to build a safe environment for all involved in the mediation, where he can ensure that everyone will be able to take part. He will consider each case on its merits and decide whether a joint meeting is required or whether to keep the parties apart for the initial phase. He will adopt an approachable manner and give every participant the opportunity to give an input. This style has proved very successful. He has made a point of reading all the case papers and is always well prepared for the mediation with a clear understanding of the issues.

Why Choose Michael as your mediator

  1. Michael has been involved in dispute resolution in various ways for 40 years.
  2. He has a direct but approachable manner that allows all parties to believe they can resolve their case.
  3. He has a wealth of experience in many sectors giving him a broad outlook.
  4. He is committed to finding a resolution to any mediation, in the vernacular ‘He won’t let go until it’s resolved’

Code of Conduct

Michael has adopted the European Code of Conduct for Mediators

Complaints Procedure

Michael is an independent mediator, but is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and as such abides by the rules of the institute as well as those of Civil Mediation Council, in the event of any complaint in the first instance please speak with Michael and outline the difficulty, if it cannot be resolved then please make contact the Civil Mediation Council or the Chartered Institute and Michael will comply with and abide by whatever the institute thereafter decides.

Cost of Mediation with Michael

I believe that the cost of mediation should both competitive and attractive as an alternative to the high cost of litigation, my fees therefore reflect this please refer to my fees page